Soft Landing Program

Procedure for obtaining the participant status



Introduction to Skolkovo ecosystem

1 day

If you are interested to learn more about Skolkovo you are welcome to visit us at any time convenient for you and participate in welcome/demo* day.

We will organize an excursion around Skolkovo Technopark and Skolkovo city where you will get information about Skolkovo ecosystem, resident benefits and participant application procedure.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to participate in the Demo day via sending us an email at


* Demo day means that you will get a chance to learn about Skolkovo ecosystem in the frames of different events which are taking place at Skolkovo (for example, Open Innovations Forum (October, 2017), Startup Village conference (June, 2018), etc.)


Any questions?

+7 (495) 956 00 33
ext. 3356, 2453







Project Preview

2 days

If you would like to get Skolkovo participant status and use advantages of Skolkovo ecosystem please send us the information about your project to so that we can check whether your project meets Skolkovo priority directions (Biomed, IT, Energy, Space, Nuclear).

In reply you will get an email with the contact details of your personal manager.







Application for obtaining status
of the participant

At this step you will get an assistance from your personal manager.

To fill an application form please follow the steps below:

  1. Register at
  2. Fill in an application form (except legal entity section) and send it for review (preliminary examination).
    Please note that your application should be submitted both in English and Russian languages.


Pay attention to the regulation on the assignment and termination of the Participant status below:

Download The regulation on the assignment and termination of the Participant status (.pdf, 284 KB)


Any questions?

+7 (495) 956 00 33
ext. 3356, 2453






Expert examination
of the application

1 month

Your project should meet the requirements listed below:

  • product and/or technology being invented should have potential competitive advantages comparing to similar world products and/or technology;
  • product and/or technology being invented should have sufficient potential for commercialization at least on the Russian market and in global market in prospective;
  • the project shall be theoretically realizable and should not contradict to the fundamental scientific principles;
  • key researches, designers and managers of the project (hereinafter 'Project Team') should possess knowledge relating to the area of the project, scientific or industrial experience and business expertise needed for successful implementation of the project.


In case of positive decision/evaluation you will get expert record/minutes valid for 6 months.











Preparation for obtaining
Skolkovo participant status

Maximum 6 months

During 6 months as a part of Skolkovo Soft landing program we will provide you an opportunity to use coworking space free of charge until your company will get Skolkovo participant status.


Registration of the Russian legal entity (RLE)

During this period you will need to register legal entity on the territory of the Russian Federation. Please note that company legal address should be the address of Skolkovo Technopark (Bolshoi blvd. 42 bld.1)







If necessary, for registration of your company you can use Skolkovo official service provider – Meridian & Partners LLC.


Contact information:

Meridian & Partners Llc

+7 (495) 937 59 33

Roman Leonov;

meridiancapital.rurs assistance with registration of Russian legal entity is 850 USD.

If you decide to use the services of a third party company, then please pay attention to the requirements of the Charter and the regulation on the assignment and termination of the Participant status below.

Download Charter template (.doc, 44 KB)

If necessary, your personal manager can help you to select Skolkovo official recruiting service provider.



Application for Skolkovo Participant Status

Fill in the 'Legal entity' section.

Please select the 'Send for Participant Status' button at the top of the page.







Getting Skolkovo participant status

2 weeks

After receiving a participant status you will get a project manager who will help with the development of your startup within the framework of Skolkovo.

If necessary, your personal manager also can help you to select Skolkovo official service providers in legal, accounting, recruiting, real estate and other fields.







On average, accounting service of Meridian & Partners costs 600-850 USD/month. Legal service is paid per hours (72 USD/hour)



Premises Lease Contract

1 month

Premises Lease Contract should be signed not later than one month after the date your organization included into the Register of Legal Entities of the Participant.


Any questions?

+7 (495) 956 00 33
ext. 2453, 2407, 2839