The Skolkovo innovation centre has launched a Telegram channel listing job vacancies at resident tech startups fostered by the Skolkovo Foundation, as well as jobs at the foundation’s partner industrial companies and at the foundation itself.

The channel, Rabota v Skolkovo (Work at Skolkovo), was launched on Wednesday and had more than 1,300 subscribers within a few hours of its launch. 

The jobs on offer include positions at the Skolkovo Technopark, as well as in other Russian cities. Photo:

Among more than 20 vacancies posted on the morning of the channel’s launch are a front-end JavaScript developer at Visitech, a Skolkovo startup developing software to make industrial sites safer; a project manager specialising in oncology and immunology within the Skolkovo Foundation’s biomed cluster; and several web developer positions at resident startup MobilityLab, whose WorksPad app turns mobile devices into mobile workspaces by making the employee’s corporate email, files and programmes available on the device, while keeping all that information secure.

The Skolkovo ecosystem consists of tens of thousands of people, from entrepreneurs and inventors to investors, business angels, industrial partners and the innovations city’s service providers. 

The vacancies are not limited to positions at Skolkovo itself, but also include openings at Skolkovo-connected companies around Russia, including in Smolensk, Ulyanovsk and St. Petersburg.

The Skolkovo Foundation and its more than 1,800 resident tech startups and 90 industrial partners have so far created more than 27,000 jobs in Russia. In addition to the giant Technopark built to offer lab and office space for startups, the innovation centre is home to 24 R&D centres opened by industrial partners including Boeing and Panasonic.